"The Intersection of Law and Vegan/Plant-Based Food Accessibility"

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The IVRA is an international network of vegans working together to campaign for the international implementation of vegan rights. The IVRA is the first organised vegan rights pressure group which aims to raise awareness of the legal recognition of veganism and how vegans can be accommodated under the terms of International and European rights and equality legislation.

The owners of this website are not legal professionals and rely on the kind contribution of volunteers and country representatives for the information presented on this website. The information provided on this website is not and should not be considered legal advice.

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Our Mission

Under international law vegans are entitled to a social order in which their vegan rights are respected and provided for. Human, social and cultural rights are indispensible for vegan dignity and free development of the personality of vegans. By creating these social conditions, oppressive and coercive institutional practices will be removed, allowing veganism to grow more freely.

The IVRA campaigns for:

• The right for ethical veganism to be accepted legally and socially as an intelligent, workable, achievable, realistic system capable of underpinning human social organisation.

• The right to cruelty free kitchen, bathroom and personal products in all Public Authority establishments, in the workplace and where the supply of these items is an intrinsic part of any service provision.

• The right to vegan food in all Public Authority establishments, the workplace and service provision.

• The right to vegan education through the inclusion of veganism on Educational Curricula. Including: accurate information regarding the type, extent and impact of the use of other animals in human society; the vegan diet as a method of reducing an individual’s carbon footprint; the vegan diet as a method of maintaining world food security; and the relationship of animal cruelty to interlinked oppressions and human violence.

• The right to vegan medications and other necessary health intervention products, including vaccines.

• The right to vegan infant formula.

• The right to a formal and legal definition of the word “vegan”. The right to legally enforced clear and accurate labelling of food stuffs and other consumables.

• The right to outcomes based equality legislation that places direct duties on employers and providers of goods and services.

• The right for ethical veganism to be respected as emotionally, intellectually and spiritually meaningful in law and equal to other belief systems such as various religions.

• The abolition of unrepresentative images and other visual representations of non human animals used in commercial enterprise: For example images and commercials which give a false impression of other animals as happy and enjoying their subjection, degradation and oppression. These false representations of other animals create a degrading and offensive environment and are not in line with a government’s responsibility to create the required social conditions for ethical veganism.

• Respect for the vegan world view by the media.

• Enhanced media regulation will contribute to the positive social conditions required for ethical veganism.

• The right for vegans to be recognised in law as a minority group requiring protection from discrimination and unfair treatment.

• The right to fair, balanced and accurate research into vegan animal feed.

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